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John Joseph Inc. Rock Breaking Solutions
Serving New Jersey & New York

         Rock Drilling/Rock Blasting


Much like our splitting services, we precision drill holes and use explosives to make controlled blasts of rock.  This service is used in preparation of roadways, trenches, swimming pools and foundations.  We also provide our drilling and blasting services in quarries as well as specialty drilling with hole diameters ranging from 1-3/4 to 4-1/2, for blasting, bolting and establishing rock location and depth

         Track Mounted Breakers for rock and concrete

This method of breaking rock is best utilized when blasting is not permitted by town laws.  It is an excellent option for concrete demolition, including the removal of old swimming pools, and the breaking of rock in tight areas.  Examples of these areas would include swimming pool excavations, utility trenches, septic tanks and septic fields. 

         Hydraulic Rock Splitting

For small amounts of rock in areas where track mounted breakers or drilling and blasting is not an option. Holes are drilled in the rock and the hydraulic splitter is placed inside the hole where it expands to break the rock into smaller, more manageable pieces for easier removal.


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