695 Westbrook Road Ringwood, NJ. 07456 OFFICE (973)-839-0669 CELL (973) 390-8045


I have known and worked with John
Joseph and his company since the mid-1980's, at which time I was
Senior Project Director for Falcon Excavating. We worked on various
residential subdivisions together. John did all the blasting for the
roads, infrastructure, and many foundations.

At present, I am the VP for Petillo, Inc. We are site contractors geared more toward commercial work. John Joseph has done blasting for Petillo since my arrival in the year 2000. Some sites John Joseph has done work for include the Lowe's in Newton, where he blasted and hammered 125,000 cubic yards of rock. I highly recommend their services. John Joseph operates at the highest standards of safety and professionalism."
-Michael W.


"The purpose of this letter is to thank you and your personnel for the superlative job of demolition that was done at Mombasha Park in the town of Monroe. Your efforts enabled the town to continue on schedule with the development of the park project. I won't hesitate to contact you in the future should the need arise and would strongly recommend you to anyone that requires your services. Again, thanks for a job well done!"
-Roy M., Highway Superintendent


"We are shopping center owners and developers who do our own site work and construction. At present time, John Joseph is drilling and blasting approximately 100,000 cubic yards of rock from our new Kohl's site. They previously drilled and blasted approximately 80,000 cubic yards of rock from our Home Depot site.

John Joseph and his employees always get the job done in a safe and professional manner. They are all very capable and polite, and get the job finished within the time allotted. Their equipment is always kept in excellent condition with their mechanic there when they need him. We highly recommend John Joseph for your drilling and blasting needs."
-Kenneth M.


"I am the senior project manager for Nick Porchetta Contracting, one of the premier site contractors in New Jersey. It has been our pleasure to work with John Joseph on dozens of projects in the Tri-State area. His decades of experience and professional staff have made every project that we have employed his services for a success.

He has completed sites for us with as little as 100 yards of rock to over 50,000 yards. His fleet of equipment is state-of-the-art and his crews are entirely self-sufficient. His company's dedication to their craft never fails to amaze me and their level of professionalism is unmatched in the industry.

No matter the job size, large or small, the same level of professional care is taken to ensure that the project is completed safely, on budget, and on schedule. My company and our clients demand and deserve the best in the business; this is why we never use anyone other than John Joseph to serve our drilling and blasting needs."
-Randy S.


"I was the construction manager of a project in Warwick, and John Joseph was the blasting contractor. This site required over 150,000 cubic yards of rock removal over the duration of 2 years. His crews accomplished the task in a safe and professional manner, without any injuries or property damage. Their attention to reaching the design elevations, during the blasting, gave me a confidence that I have not had with other blasting contractors.

This attention was obvious, as the project proceeded past their work. The grades were correct and the other contractors could complete their task without any remediation. I give the highest recommendation possible for John Joseph. This company would be an asset to any project."
-Paul R., Related Companies


"We have an excellent working relationship with John Joseph for the past 35+ years. We have always found both the owners and employees to be knowledgeable in the field. They are responsible, reliable, safe, and efficient. They have worked well with our excavation crews, their equipment is well maintained and backed up with parts, and their service is second to none."
-David G, Wantage Excavating Co.


"In the past 10 years, John Joseph has successfully blasted 3 of our sites. The rock quantity on each site varied from 110,000 yards to 170,000 yards. The conditions of the sites ranged from open space to houses as close as 100 feet. In all cases, the jobs were completed within budget and on time, either meeting our schedule or in some cases beating it. John Joseph is a very reliable and professional individual who makes every effort possible to try and keep his customers satisfied."
-Anthony R., Director of Site Work Development